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Fly Tying for Pyramid lake

  • March 02, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Pleasanton Livermore Rod & Gun Club
  • 12


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Hands on Fly Tying Session (Club Tying Room):

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The March 2nd fly tying get together will be lead by one of our Pyramid Lake gurus, Chris McCann. We will tie the Booby Fly and Pyramid Beetle. Both are simple ties so we will add a few twists to the patterns.

For our April 6th meeting, we will again tie up a load of Boy Scout flies. Come one, come all as we go through a lot of flies throughout the camp season.

Lastly, those of you that have taken the beginning fly tying class and still have the club's vices and tools, please bring them to the March meeting or make arrangements to return them to me.

Booby Material

  • Hook - Nymph, scud 8-10-12
  • Eyes - Cylinder foam 3/16-1/4 Black, white, I ordered some, hope it arrives on time
  • Body - Marabou, dubbing, streamer hair, flash
  • Check out Booby Fly on YouTube

Beetle Material

  • Hook - Nymph standard or 1x long
  • Body - Cactus chenille short or medium Assorted colors
  • Shell Back - 1 or 2mm foam sheet. Black, white, tan, lt green

As always bring what you have and mooch the rest.

Rod and Gun Club
March 2, 7 to 9pm
In the "Fly Room"

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