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Central Oregon with Deschutes River Float - Cancelled for 2020

  • September 20, 2020
  • 6:30 AM
  • September 25, 2020
  • 11:00 PM
  • Bend/Sisters Oregon


  • Interest for a five day camping event near Bend, or Sisters, Oregon.
  • This would be for staying in a shared Club AirBnB property while in in Central Oregon

Registration is closed

Event Description: Cancelled for 2020

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This is a six day trip to Central Oregon to fish key productive waters in the area, under the guidance and suggestions of Dave and Mary Ann Dozer (previous Club presenters and local residents). We will be concentrating on fishing the Bend area as well as staying in the same locale for the entire time.

This event is for "registration of interest only" and does not require any financial obligations until such time as the trip details are settled, and there are no cancellation penalties until that time. Please register for the trip and choose the appropriate option that you are interested in for camping in the area, or sharing a local AirBNB/VRBO property. Once final details are settled the event will transition to a paid event where cancellation policies are in effect.

The key areas of focus for fishing, as recommended by the Dozers are:

1. East Lake – Located about 40 miles east of Bend. Probably the most consistent lake fishery in the Bend area, with some very nice brown trout fishing with chironomids, terrestrials, and streamers. Browns are typically in the 15” to 22” range.  It’s possible to bank fish but fishing is primarily done from float tubes and drift boats.  

Optional Activity:  

The cost for one day of guided lake fishing from a drift boat:  $500 for 2 people, or another local stream can be fished without guide services.

2. Metolius River – Located about 12 miles west of Sisters (and 25 miles West of Bend). This is a beautiful spring creek fishery with great access and a renowned highly technical fishery for Browns, Rainbows, Whitefish, and famous Bull Trout.  The Metolius has great stonefly, caddis, and mayfly hatches but can tend to be a “Intermediate/advanced” fishery…lots of educated fish. The Metolius fishes well all season but the most notable hatches are in May (green drakes), June and July (golden stoneflies), and September (green drakes and little yellow stoneflies).  Guiding is not allowed on the Metolius River.

3. Crooked River – Near the town of Prineville (40 miles east of Bend). A great tailwater fishery with primarily rainbows and whitefish. Tends to be more of a nymphing fishery than a dry fly fishery. Most fish are in the 8” to 15” range. This is fantastic water for EuroNymphing…mostly small nymphs in the #18 or #20 range.  Very good access for about 8 miles below the dam. This is relatively easy to figure out how to fish this water if you know anything about nymph fishing.  The key to this water is to know what flies to fish. The Crooked River probably has the highest fish count/mile of any of the local waters. The river would be fished on your own, or in concert with the clinic offered below.

Optional activity:

Mary Ann Dozer has offered a EuroNymphing Clinic on the Crooked River with a half day of on-the-water instruction and a half day of fishing on your own to polish up what has been learned. So, each person only pays for half of the standard guide costs. A typical example would be for 4 people, two people would be instructed in the morning (and fish on their own in the afternoon) and two people would be instructed in the afternoon (and fish on their own in the morning). So, the total cost would only be $450 for all 4 people.

4. Lower Deschutes River – Located north of Bend about 30 miles and a premier Western River. The main stretch where you would fish is near the town of Madras.  While there is some, but limited bank access (some areas in a protected Indian reservation) for walking/hiking however this is primarily a drift boat fishery. This part of the river is larger water and wading can be a little challenging. Although this is a drift boat water, no fishing is allowed from a boat…fishing is only allowed from the bank. So, fishing is drift down a ways, get out and bank fish, then drift down further and get out again. This is great one day drift from Warm Springs to Trout Creek. The lower Deschutes is famous for its Salmon Fly hatch in May, but has great golden stonefly and caddis hatches as well. Fish are typically in the 10” to 20” range. June and September fishing can be especially good for some of the larger rainbows. Cost for a one day float on the Lower Deschutes River: $550 for 2 people.

We are also planning a hosted BBQ and bamboo shop tour by the Dozers one night. Dave offered to host ,but depending on how much we use their guided services we may want to contribute to the food and drinks served.


The following costs are all inclusive estimates based on one guided float trip on the Deschutes River.  

Total all inclusive estimated costs for the trip are $900 including guide fees for just the Deschutes river float trip, group meals, shared rooms (less if the group selects the camping option),  and estimated food expenses. 

The Club will collect two payments for the deposit of about $200 by April 30, and a final payment of approximately $400 around August 1, 2019. The approximate remaining costs of $200 for individual meals, guide tips, and beverages will be paid separately by each individual as incurred.

Cash price: Not applicable until final details are determined. You may pay by check or cash directly to the Club Treasurer within two weeks of registration and not pay the credit card surcharge of 3%. If you do pay by cash or check, you will be put into "Pending Registration" until your payment is received within the two weeks. Late payments will require you to register once again if there is space still available. For TVFF members, the Club managed cost for this trip is $______. For non-members and guests, the cost is $______ and includes a 12-month TVFF membership.

Credit Card price: Not applicable until final details are determined. Member cost is $_______ including the 3% credit card fee. For non-members and guests, the cost is $_______ and includes a 12-month TVFF membership.

Fishmeister: Todd Hyrn,, (562)755-0982

Accommodations and Food: 

Lodging will consist of either camping or an AriBNB/VRBO property depending on the level of interest for each alternative. Please register according to your preference.

Gear and Tackle Recommendations:

Rod & line weights/types: 4, 5, and 6/7 (Deschutes River only) weight rods, reels and floating and intermediate sinking lines

Leaders and tippet: Fishing style dependent but usually a 9’ 4X leader and adjust with added tippet of up to 4-6’ of 5 or 6X for the small 18-24 dry flies. Overcast weather will also improve the steamer fishing with stronger and shorter leaders as usual.

Other gear: Wading gear with potential changes of clothing based upon weather.

Flies: Flies to match existing conditions and hatches.  We will send out a more current list as we get closer to the dates and better understand how the weather and water are impacting the hatches. 

TVFF Cancellation Policy:

To sign-up for a TVFF Event  that is currently open for registration and chargeable (as set by the Fishmeister), you must both register and pay online, or via check or cash, within two weeks of registering (sent to the TVFF Treasurer) whatever fee is described for that particular Event (trip) at the time of registration. There may be multiple payments required before the trip is actually taken (usually in the case of expensive trips), but it is necessary that you do make payment in the above timely fashion for the initial amount to secure your position on the trip.  However, please note that you are still responsible for the entire amount of the trip if you should need to cancel. 

Once you are registered, there are no refunds for chargeable Events and trips.  In the situation that a member is, for any reason unable to attend, they may resell their registration slot to another TVFF member (by first pulling from the waitlist if one exists).  New participants must come first from the waitlist in the order they signed up.  The member cancelling is fully and solely responsible for contacting potential members to replace them and notifying the appropriate Fishmeister.

If an event/trip is fully registered and closed to registration, you may still sign up on the Wait List to be notified if there are any cancellations.  In such a case of registering provisionally on the Wait List, you do not have to pay until such time that you clear the Wait List and are confirmed for participation.

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