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Lower Yuba River Skwala Workshop with Jon Baiocchi

  • March 01, 2019
  • March 03, 2019
  • Yuba River
  • 9


  • Member trip

TVFF is offering a Skwala workshop outing for 6 anglers each day (March 1st or March 3rd) on the lower Yuba river near Marysville and the Highway 20 bridge with Jon Baiocchi. Jon has been a recent speaker at the club and the Yuba has been his home river for over 20 years. In this one day workshop Jon will provide key information to be successful with the current Skwala hatch on Dry Fly/Dry Dropper and nymphing presentations and tactics specifically for the Skwala stonefly hatch, including Leader Formulas, Fly Recommendations, Access Areas, local inside knowledge, insight on the hatch and all the details that pertain to it. Leaders, tippets, lunch, drinks, and handouts included.

The Skwala hatch has been widely promoted in the early season, and the wild trout and steelhead that live in the Yuba River key in on this first big meal of the new year. Fishing a Skwala dry is the most rewarding way to catch large educated trout on the Yuba, and seeing the take happen in real time is the epitome of fly fishing. The Yuba River has one of the best Skwala hatches found in the west, and it is the perfect classroom to hone your skills and your ability to match the hatch for challenging trout and steelhead. You will learn much from this most informative workshop centered on entomology that you can apply all over the west.

  • Tackle
    • Rod weights: 5 & 6wt. 9 to 10 ft. Medium action rods with a softer tip will help protect delicate tippets.
    • Lines: Floating WF
    • Leader: 9ft. 4x 5x leaders (we will be making custom longer leaders)

    • Tippet: 4x 5x

    • Other: Personal vest with basic equipment so each angler can be self-sufficient while on the water

  • Flies
    • Unit Skwala #10-12, Double Dutch Bug #10-12, yellow/olive Stimulators #10-12. Other hatches present are BWO and PMD - Loop Wing parachutes (Baetis #16-22) (PMD #14-16) Sparkle Duns (Baetis #16-22) (PMD #14-16).
    • Dropper Nymphs; Hogan’s S&M olive # 16-18, Jimmy Legs Stone yellow/brown #8-10, Pheasant Tail Flashback #16-22, JuJu Midge #18-22, red Copper John #16-18.
  • Other gear
    • Waders, boots
    • Wading staff, rain jacket, net
    • Polarized sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, camera
    • Plan for that day’s weather, winter rains to mild overcast or sunny days. Bring a chair for lunch.

Fishmeister is Rob Farris.
Cost is $150 per angler, payable in advance for the workshop.

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